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Marine protected areas (% of total surface area) - 2008
Marine protected areas are areas of intertidal or subtidal terrain--and overlying water and associated flora and fauna and historical and cultural features--that have been reserved by law or other effective means to protect part or all of the enclosed environment.
Note: Official MDG indicator related to Target 7.B : Reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, by 2010, a significant reduction in the rate of loss.
Source: World Bank

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Country Value
Algeria 0
Bahrain 12
Comoros 0
Djibouti 0
Egypt 10
Iraq 0
Jordan 22
Kuwait 2
Lebanon 0
Libya 1
Mauritania 31
Morocco 2
Oman 1
Qatar 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Somalia 0
Sudan 0
Syria 1
Tunisia 0
United Arab Emirates 0
Yemen 3

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