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Annual freshwater withdrawals (% of internal resources) - 2007
Refer to total water withdrawals, not counting evaporation losses from storage basins. Withdrawals also include water from desalination plants in countries where they are a significant source. Withrawals can exceed 100 percent of internal renewable resources because river flows from other countries are not included, because extraction from nonrenewable aquifers or desalination plants is considerable, or because there is significant water reuse.
Note: Official MDG indicator related to Target 7.A : Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources
Source: World Bank - World Development Indicators

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Country Value
Algeria 54
Bahrain 8935
Comoros 1
Djibouti 6
Egypt 3794
Iraq 188
Jordan 138
Lebanon 27
Libya 721
Mauritania 425
Morocco 43
Oman 94
Qatar 871
Saudi Arabia 986
Somalia 55
Sudan 124
Syria 238
Tunisia 63
United Arab Emirates 2665
Yemen 162

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