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Share of women in wage employment in the non-agricultural sector (% total) - 2004
Share of women employed in the nonagricultural sector is the share of female workers in the nonagricultural sector (industry and services), expressed as a percentage of total employment in the nonagricultural sector. Industry includes mining and quarrying (including oil production), manufacturing, construction, electricity, gas, and water, corresponding to divisions 2-5 (ISIC revision 2) or tabulation categories C-F (ISIC revision 3). Services include wholesale and retail trade and restaurants and hotels; transport, storage, and communications; financing, insurance, real estate, and business services; and community, social, and personal services-corresponding to divisions 6-9 (ISIC revision 2) or tabulation categories G-P (ISIC revision 3).
Note: Official MDG indicator related to Target 3.A : Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, preferably by 2005, and in all levels of education no later than 2015.
Source: World Bank - Millennium Development Goals Indicators

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Country Value
Algeria 17
Egypt 20.6
Jordan 25
Kuwait 25.2
Morocco 21.8
Oman 25.7
Occupied Palestinian Territories 17.9
Saudi Arabia 13.5
Sudan 16.8
Syria 18.2
Tunisia 25
United Arab Emirates 14.5

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