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Share of women in wage employment in the non-agricultural sector (% total) - 2007
Share of women employed in the nonagricultural sector is the share of female workers in the nonagricultural sector (industry and services), expressed as a percentage of total employment in the nonagricultural sector. Industry includes mining and quarrying (including oil production), manufacturing, construction, electricity, gas, and water, corresponding to divisions 2-5 (ISIC revision 2) or tabulation categories C-F (ISIC revision 3). Services include wholesale and retail trade and restaurants and hotels; transport, storage, and communications; financing, insurance, real estate, and business services; and community, social, and personal services-corresponding to divisions 6-9 (ISIC revision 2) or tabulation categories G-P (ISIC revision 3).
Note: Official MDG indicator related to Target 3.A : Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, preferably by 2005, and in all levels of education no later than 2015.
Source: World Bank - Millennium Development Goals Indicators

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Country Value
Bahrain 10
Morocco 28
Occupied Palestinian Territories 17
Saudi Arabia 15

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