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Human Development Data for the Arab States


Population, female (thousands)
Population, male (thousands)
Population, total both sexes (thousands)
Population, urban (% of population)


Arms imports (constant 1990 US$) (thousands)
Food imports (% of merchandise imports)
GDP (constant 2000 US$) (thousands)
GDP growth (annual %)
GDP per capita growth (annual %)
General government final consumption expenditure (% of GDP)
Imports of goods and services (% of GDP)
Inflation, consumer prices (annual %)
Military expenditure (% of central government expenditure)
Net ODA received (% of GNI)
Net ODA received per capita (current US$)
Total debt service (% of exports of goods, services and income)
Total debt service (% of GNI)


Adult literacy rate, both sexes (% aged 15 and above)
Combined gross enrolment in education (both sexes) (%)
Expected Years of Schooling (of children) (years)
Internet users
Internet users (per 100 people)
Literacy rate, adult total (% of people ages 15 and above)
Mean years of schooling (of adults over 25) (years)
Population with at least secondary education (ratio of female to male rates)
Public expenditure on education (% of GDP)
Public spending on education, total (% of government expenditure)
School enrollment, primary (% gross)
School enrollment, secondary (% gross)
School enrollment, secondary (% net)
School enrollment, tertiary (% gross)
Total enrollment, primary (% net)


Adolescent fertility rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19)
GII: Gender Inequality Index, value
Labor participation rate, female (% of female population ages 15+)
Shares in parliament (female-male ratio)


Births attended by skilled health staff (% of total)
Expenditure on health, public (% of GDP) (%)
Health expenditure per capita, PPP (constant 2005 international $)
Health expenditure, public (% of GDP)
Hospital beds (per 1,000 people)
Immunization, DPT (% of children ages 12-23 months)
Immunization, measles (% of children ages 12-23 months)
Life expectancy at birth, total (years)
Maternal mortality ratio (deaths of women per100,000 live births)
Mortality rate, adult, female (per 1,000 female adults)
Mortality rate, adult, male (per 1,000 male adults)
Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births)
Mortality rate, under-5 (per 1,000)
Physicians (per 1,000 people)
Under-five mortality rate (per 1,000 live births)

Human Development

Education index (expected and mean years of schooling)
Health index (life expectancy)
Human Development Index (HDI)
Income index (GNI per capita)


Adjusted net savings (% of GNI)
Agriculture, value added (% of GDP)
GNI per capita, PPP (current international $)
Population living below $1.25 PPP per day (%)


Income Gini coefficient
Inequality-adjusted education index
Inequality-adjusted HDI
Inequality-adjusted income index
Inequality-adjusted life expectancy index
Loss due to inequality in education (%)
Loss due to inequality in income (%)
Loss due to inequality in life expectancy (%)


Headcount ( k greater than or equal to 3), percentage population in poverty (% of population)
MPI Intensity of deprivation
Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) (%)
Prevalence of undernourishment (% of population)


Annual freshwater withdrawals, agriculture (% of total freshwater withdrawal)
Annual freshwater withdrawals, domestic (% of total freshwater withdrawal)
Annual freshwater withdrawals, industry (% of total freshwater withdrawal)
Annual freshwater withdrawals, total (% of internal resources)
Carbon Dioxide Emissions per capita (tonnes)
Carbon dioxide per capita emission (growth 1970-2008) (%)
CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)
Renewable internal freshwater resources per capita (cubic meters)